Have you only got bite-sized chunks of time to spare? Try micro-volunteering.

“Micro-volunteering is bite-size volunteering with no commitment to repeat and with minimum formality, involving short and specific actions that are quick to start and complete.” National Council for Voluntary Organisations

Bite sized chompedMicro-volunteering is volunteering to fit in with your lives. Many volunteering opportunities need a regular or ongoing commitment, but there are lots of ways to volunteer in small chunks that will also be rewarding and benefit the community.

BARN ran a pilot project with Age UK and Home-Start around some ideas about micro-volunteering, and we’re hoping to apply for funding to expand the idea. Below are some ways you can get involved:

Can you make birthday cards? Or knit? Or do you do other crafts?

Birthday, Christmas, Easter or other occasion cards can be sold to raise money for charity. Knitting is a great way to contribute too, either for things that can be given to families or to sell in a charity shop. If you’d like to find out more about how to get involved please get in touch.

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If not, is there another craft you can do that might be something that can be sold? Or of use to someone? Please get in touch with suggestions.

There might be other ways to get involved too. If you’re interested in volunteering but conventional opportunities don’t suit you please get in touch, and we’ll see if we can help.


2 thoughts on “Have you only got bite-sized chunks of time to spare? Try micro-volunteering.

  1. Are there any opportunities to help over the Christmas period either helping with delivering meals or visiting the elderly who live on their own. We live between Spain and the UK but would like to help on Christmas Day/Boxing Day.


    Catherine Fisher and John Parker

    • Hello Catherine and John, and thank you for your enquiry about volunteering over Christmas. There are usually a few organisations looking for volunteer help over Christmas, so I will Email you our registration form and we will see if we can find any suitable opportunities for you.



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