Volunteer stories: Mike

Mike - HomeStartI used to be a teacher, but finding myself widowed and retired, I needed to do something positive to fill my time. Volunteering for Home-Start helped to fill the gap and it’s clear that the volunteering really works not just for the families I can help, but for me too.

I’ve enjoyed being with the young families so much I’ve been volunteering for around ten years, helping out in the nursery so that the young mums can get a moment for themselves, and doing home visits supporting two families at a time. Every family I’ve supported has been different and Home-Start has provided excellent training and help for me as a volunteer. I do think it’s so valuable to share life experiences across the generations. We gain a lot from each other.

Through a contact at Home-Start, I’ve also got involved with another charity, Sight Concern, helping a divorced father who is visually impaired to visit his young son. It’s surprising what a bit of volunteering can lead to in terms of the friends you make and the people you meet and I find it really satisfying to continue to contribute to family life.