Volunteer to gain skills for work

volunteering-for-employability-poster-snapshot-jan2017Have you ever thought about volunteering as a way for you to gain new skills, experience and confidence to help get a job?

We’re running a new project that helps connect people that are trying to find work with charities that need volunteers. (We’re also looking for organisations that can help – find out more here.)

How it works
We work with Job Centre Plus and job clubs, but anyone can contact us. If you’re interested we’ll tell you about the skills you could get from volunteering, how those skills will help you in the workplace, and what type of volunteering might help them find your ideal job.

We can help try and find a volunteering opportunity that suits you and your circumstances. As we said, the Job Centre is very supportive so can we discuss with you (and them if you wish) how to ensure volunteering does not interfere with any benefits.

The benefits to the volunteer

  • An opportunity to gain news skills and experience, and help a worthwhile cause.
  • An introduction to volunteering, which hopefully you might keep up after the project to gain more experience.
  • Additional help, such as helping  use volunteer experience on a CV, in job applications and interviews, and how to find volunteering opportunities in the future.

Redditch BCSantander Foundation

The project is run by us at Bromsgrove and Redditch Network (BARN), an independent charity which also runs the local Volunteer Centre. It is funded by the Santander Foundation in Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough Council in Redditch.

Email volunteer@barn.org.uk if you’re interested, or would like to find out more, or call 01527 60282.

Are you an organisation and want to get involved? Find out more at barn.org.uk/volunteering/employability

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