COVID Winter Grants Scheme

The COVID Winter Grant Scheme is to provide support to vulnerable households and families with children particularly affected by the pandemic throughout the winter period where alternative sources of assistance may be unavailable.

There are two pots you can apply for.

  • Families with children: At least 80% of the total funding is available to support households with children
  • Families without children and individuals: Up to 20% of the total funding to other households experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, poverty during the pandemic.

This may include households not currently in receipt of DWP welfare benefits.

The application window is open from Friday 8th January till Monday 25th January midday, but please note funding will be allocated throughout the application window, so applying as early as possible is advised.

Most of the funding will be to provide support with food, energy and water bills for household purposes (including drinking, washing, cooking, central heating, and sanitary purposes), but up to 20% of the total funding can be used to provide support with other essentials (including sanitary products, warm clothing, soap, blankets, boiler service/repair, purchase of equipment including fridges, freezers, ovens, etc.)

The funding cannot cover payment of rent or other housing costs because these are not directly related to food or utility bills and other benefits and support is available to cover these costs. Nor is it intended to be used for the provision of general advice on managing debt and/or financial hardship.

The grant is available to organisations across Redditch and Bromsgrove but have separate application forms for each area.


Redditch Winter Grants Scheme 2021


Bromsgrove Winter Grants Scheme 2021

Please return your forms or send any queries to